Sabtu, 7 November 2009

Knowledge work & knowledge worker???

Knowledge work (e.g., writing, analyzing, advising) is performed by subject-matter specialists in all areas of an organization. Although knowledge work began with the origins of writing and counting, it was first identified as a category of work by Drucker (1973)[3]

Knowledge workers may be found across a variety of information technology roles, but also among professionals like teachers, lawyers, architects, physicians, nurses, engineers, PEO (professional emergency officer) and scientists.

So, anyone must be knowledge worker to get innovation, mission and vision in what are their job. Currently, softskill and knowlegde will make different to worker in an organizatiion. Knowledge worker is a added value for toward excellent in job. can choose that in yourlife. If you need that setup your way to get that, if u don't want, forget it!
planning your day, and your job and worksmart and ever workhard!
Hold on...hold on...!
Enjoy your work for good result end of work...

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